Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sean Covel: Alexa Vega Husband!

It is official Sean Covel is Alexa Vega’s husband. The couple tied the knot Sunday. You can hear all about their wedding plus learn about Sean too, which of course includes pictures and a video too.

Alexa Vega and now husband Sean Covel said their I Do’s over the weekend. The ceremony took place at [...]

Karina Sarkissova a ballerina for the Vienna State Opera’s ballet company was fired for taking nude photos. Get the details and see pictures and video here.


Last May ballerina Karina Sarkissova made headlines when she posed nude for the June edition of Penthouse magazine. She was warned not to do it again, yet new naked pictures came out and she was fired.

Karina Sarkissova trained to be a ballerina at the Bolschoi Ballet School in Moscow and at the Ballet Conservatory in St. Pölten, Austria. Training very hard, she earned position of principal dancer in 2009. According to her profile, she has won several awards including first place at Rieti Danza, Fouette Artek Jalta, Prix de Lausanne, and the International Ballet Competition.

Sarkissova, who is now 27, landed a prestigious gig with the Vienna Opera ballet back in 2000. After all this hard work, it seems silly to jeopardize her career for some silly nude photos. But she did. In June of 2010 photos came out for Penthouse magazine, and then again last month the ballerina posed nude for Austrian men’s magazine “Wiener.”

She claims
she felt discriminated against. Not sure how, I think a warning is pretty fair of them.

If you are looking for biography info on Karina, you can find it on her profile page here. The nude pictures we can’t post, but they can be found here. They are not even that bad, but hey a rule is a rule!

What do you think about Karina Sarkissova the ballerina fired over nude photos? Are they being too conservative or was a second chance too much? I think it is silly that worked so hard to become a ballerina only to get fired for some silly pictures. I hope they paid well.

Check out video below and then leave us your thoughts in the comment section.

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