Monday, January 31, 2011

Recording Songs - The Value Of Human Tempo

When I finally had found the right people for the band I wanted to start, I was facing one of the challenges that had already haunted me for the past two years: finding a rehearsal room. There are a number of crucial aspects to consider, and also some things to learn about the opportunities you have to make your search for the perfect rehearsal room likely to be successful.

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

NCIS: The Game From the TV Show

The author, a cross-cultural expert, explain mysterious features and figures of oriental god of war, Asura. Despite of his story and myth, the way his statue appears is nothing violent. It looks sad and thoughtful, instead. Other gods of fight appear to be mannish, masculine, fierce, violent, and angry. Why only Asura was built in the way it appears today. The author tries to approach the mystery 1900 years ago.

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Knowing Each Part of the Brush And Maximizing Brush Options

People that like to watch crime TV series, especially people connected with the Marines, are probably very fond of NCIS, formerly known as NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service. In the centre of this American police procedural television serial is a fictional team of special agents from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. The Major Case Response Team prosecutes criminal investigations that involve the...

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Planning an Unforgettable Event

Painting gestures in humans and animals has a lot to do with how you intend to depict motion in your artwork. If it is a very realistic painting then you are in for a real labor of love. Many people use photographs and wooden artist's models to get the posture just right. Then they faithfully replicate it on the paper as they see it.

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Edvard Munch
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Friday, January 28, 2011

Grand Piano - Considerations in Choosing a Grand Piano

The stringed instruments like violin, viola, and cello, the older they are the better they are. It is, therefore, necessary to bear in mind that if you are intended to buy a violin, you should invest on the violin that will go for years to play with. Of course, a hundred year old violin may look dull as compared to a branded new one, but the former sounds better when played over the time.

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Who Does Kanye Follow On Twitter Now?

Despite the fact that Kanye West has 1.3 million followers on Twitter, he barely follows anybody…except for 14 people.
Do you want Kanye to follow you? Here are the people he currently follows:
Esti Ginzburg – a 20-year old Israeli blonde model
Anja Rubik – a 29-year old Polish model
CoCo Rocha – a 22-year old Canadian model
Bar Rafaeli [...]

Madonna's Scathing Letter From The Past hated chicago and filming league of their own

If you know Madonna at all, you know she wasn't so thrilled about being in A League Of Their Own. Sure, it was a great role for her and we LOVE the movie to pieces, but still, Madge had issues.

Now, we've got a more private peek into those issues as an old letter written by the Queen of Pop to her friend and photographer Steven Meisel in 1991 has been released from the wonderful peeps at Hard Rock Inc.

A piece of Madge history! We love it!

Check out what scathing things she had to say about the movie, Geena Davis and Chicago in the scan above!

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Listening to Records With a Dual Turntable

112 is a four member R&B group from Atlanta, GA, which has sold approximately 16 million records across the globe. Having great success in the late 90's, and early 2000s, they left Diddy's record label in 2002 to sign with Def Soul. Though they had a number of popular singles in 1997, 112 mixtapes helped to get their name known to the hip hop community.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Jackmans Get A New Member Of The Family

Hugh Jackman and his adorable daughter Ava Eliot spent some time this weekend bonding with the newest member of the Jackman family. Hugh picked out a new pet pooch for his family, a doggie named Mochi … here are a few photos of Mochi Jackman getting acquainted with his new owners: As if the Jackman [...]

Bobbi Kristina, the only begotten child of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, is all grown up these days … but it really looks like she’s actin’ more grown than she actually is. Media Takeout has come upon a few photos of 17 year old Bobbi Kris partying with some friends that show her smoking and drinking and making out with a few different people. Honestly, it’s the kind of behavior that kids her age get away with all the time … but if this is the kind of behavior the young Miss Houston-Brown is being photographed doing, can you imagine what she might be getting up to when there aren’t cameras around? has been telling you for MANY MONTHS . . . that Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kris is completely OUT OF CONTROL. Now we have EVIDENCE. The below photos were sent in by a loyal and trusted MTO reader (thanks GIRRRRL). They were apparently taken at an unsupervised party that the 17 year old Bobbi Kris attended. As the images show, Bobbi was drinking the VERY HIGH ALCOHOL energy drink Four Loko. And she’s smoking a NEWPORT cigarette. In another pic she’s MAKING OUT with a woman. Whitney . . . Bobby . .. go get your daughter. She obviously needs some GUIDANCE!!!

While the smoking and drinking is a bit worrisome (and let’s be honest, that Four Loko shizz is bad news), it should be pointed out that kids her age tend to experiment and engage in far worse behavior. What is troubling is that Bobbi Kristina is at the age where she is prolly very well aware of the behavior her father Bobby Brown is infamous for so it’s unlikely she can look to him for guidance. I sincerely hope that Bobbi Kris doesn’t get herself into too much trouble. It would be a shame if she ended up frittering her life away at such an early age, way before she has had her time to shine. At this point, it sounds like she is just acting out … testing her boundaries. Hopefully she won’t get herself into the kind of trouble that could ruin her life :(


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Madonna Opens A ‘Hard Candy Fitness’ Center In Mexico City

Last month we learned the odd news that Madonna and her business partner/manager Guy Oseary were planning the launch of a franchise of gyms around the world called Hard Candy Fitness and today we get to see photos from the official opening of the world’s first Hard Candy Fitness center in Mexico City, Mexico. The [...]

While the Apple iPad is the #1 tech gift on every gadget geek’s Xmas list this year it’s already time to start thinking about the iPad 2. According to a new report from a very reputable Taiwanese newspaper (the same newspaper that correctly reported that the iPad would be a touchscreen tablet before anyone else), Apple is planning to release the second generation iPad in the first quarter of 2011. According to the paper, the iPad 2 will feature two cameras (one front-facing, one in the back) with the ability for FaceTime video chat, an updated higher resolution touchscreen and … a USB port! At this point, we prolly should take all of this info with a huge grain of salt … but the newspaper making these claims have been right before, they very well may be right again:

Rumors continue to swirl over Apple’s next generation iPad, and one reliable Taiwanese newspaper says the new device will be out in the first quarter of 2011, complete with video calling, two cameras, new display and touch technology, and a USB port to connect easily to other devices. The Chinese-language Economic Daily News financial newspaper, which was among the first to correctly report that Apple was making a tablet when other news sources said it would be a netbook, on Friday reported that the new iPad 2 will go into production this month and will be on sale early next year. The same newspaper in August reported that the device would have a 7-inch touchscreen. Taiwanese newspapers sometimes win scoops on new electronics products because Taiwanese companies are involved in every aspect of electronics production, from components to final assembly. For example, the Economic Daily says that Largan Precision will supply camera lenses for the new iPad, while Hon Hai Precision Industry, which operates under the trade name, Foxconn, will be responsible for final assembly. The August report from the Economic Daily said Chimei Innolux will supply 7-inch LCD touchscreens, which use the same IPS (in-plane switching) technology found in the original iPad, for the new device. The companies named in the Economic Daily report declined to comment. Contract manufacturers and component makers normally do not reveal what products they’re working on because failure to maintain secrecy can cause them to lose business.

Now THIS sounds like an iPad that I would like to own. I tried out the iPad when it came out earlier this year and after a few days testing it out, I determined that it really wasn’t the mobile computing device for me. I would be very interested in having an iPad with camera functionality, yes, but what really gets me is the reported USB port. I would LOVE to carry my important docs on a Flash Drive and be able to access them on a “computer” as small as the iPad. I’m not really getting too excited just yet because none of this news has been confirmed … but if the iPad 2 does get a USB port, chances are that I will be shelling out for an iPad 2. What do y’all think? If you’re hoping for an iPad this Xmas … would you rather hold out and wait for the rumored iPad 2 due out early next year?


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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Legends of the 1960s - Minnie Riperton

Originally starting in 1966 and parting in 1991, the rock band Slade was one of the best bands in the world, and they were the UK's number-one rock band during the 1970s. During a time in rock and roll where the band was competing with gargantuan bands like the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin, Slade still managed to leave their mark on the genre. Slade was started by Don Powell and Dave Hill after they left their group in the early sixties, the 'N Betweens.

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Desperate To Learn How To Sing Properly? Get Some Killer Ideas Here

Born on December 26, 1963 in Gentofte, Denmark, Lars Ulrich has made a name for himself as a phenomenal drummer, possibly one of the best of all time. He is best known as the drummer for the American metal band, Metallica. While he grew up in Denmark, he moved to America at age seventeen to pursue his dream of playing tennis professionally, he moved to Los Angeles, California. Instead of playing tennis for a living, he ended up being one of the best drummers to ever play in a metal band.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How to Make Music on Your PC Using MIDI Files

To the absolute beginner, the thought of making music on a computer may seem very intimidating. Fortunately, this guide can help you get off to a good start. Getting started: Make sure you have a good computer with at least 2GB of RAM, a 2GHz processor, and plenty of space on the hard drive - or an external hard drive - for storing audio samples and your work.

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Celia Morgan: Piers Morgan’s Wife

Meet Celia Morgan, Piers Morgan’s wife. Apparently, his own wife doesn’t realize how big of a deal her hubby really is, until she arrived in New York for her hubby’s new assignment: Piers Morgan Tonight. Find out more details and see photos and a video right here!

I guess Celia Morgan was [...]

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Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino Does ‘Men’s Fitness’ Magazine

Jersey Shore phenom and Dancing with the Stars loser Mike The Situation Sorrentino is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Men’s Fitness magazine. As you can see, The Situation looks about as confused as to why he is on the cover of Men’s Fitness as I am … [...]

On Monday we got to see some pretty incredible photos of Tom Cruise filming a very intense and dangerous stunt on the world’s tallest building on the Dubai set of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol … and today we get to check out a couple more photos of Tom in action. While the photos we saw previously were snapped from afar, these new photos were snapped up close and personal:

There were some who did not believe that it was actually Tom Cruise that we saw in the photos before but there is no denying, it’s definitely him. These cool photos were snapped from inside the Burj Kahlifa building while Tom filmed his M:I 4 scenes. I gotta say, I’m still really damn impressed that Tom would choose to do this sort of very dangerous stunt work himself … that being said, I’ve always suspected that Tom was a little nuts — this is proof positive.

[Photo credit: Splash News]

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Why Every Pianist Should Check Out the Piano Piano Website

Many instrument manufacturers employ gimmicks in some of their ranges to make them more attractive to beginners and a younger target audience. In essence, purple violins are no exception. This article is going to discuss whether these funky coloured violins are actually great instruments in their own right, or whether they are just a way for their manufacturers to earn a quick buck.

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Recording Studio Design - Things to Consider Before You Start Building It

So you want to play the guitar and you don't know where to begin? The first decision you need to make is what kind of music do you want to play. Easy listening, country, rock, jazz, blues, metal, reggae or something else? Well you know what you like to listen to and that will probably be what you want to play. Once you know what you want to play it makes the decision of what kind of guitar to buy much easier.

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

‘Glee’: Sneak peek of Carol Burnett as Mama Sylvester

November 23, 2010 | 11:45 am “She makes Sue look like Mother Teresa.” That's Carol Burnett talking about her guest spot as Sue Sylvester's mother on Tuesday's episode of “Glee.” What a terrifying thought. But Sue's mom, Doris, did hunt Nazis so we suppose that would make Sue and her Machiavellian high school schemes look like harmless fun. In addition to shining a light on Sue's background, Doris' return also gives Jane Lynch the opportunity to sing again when Sue and Doris duet on "Ohio" from the musical “Wonderful Town.” Check out some previews of the episode below, including one of Kurt (Chris Colfer) signing up the Glee Club for wedding entertainment duty.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Kanye West Really Never Left But There Is Little Doubt That He Certainly Is Back

In the world of music and lyrics, there are really brands of instruments that stand out from the rest, just like when a signer is being idolized by so many due to the quality of his voice or to the way he sings. Each singer in the stage has his own way of singing and has his own unique way of performing.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Learn How to Save Money and Learn to Play Piano With DVDs Courses

People who have frustrations with their voice have very few options in improving their confidence and overall tonal quality of their voice. While there are many singing tips and techniques that are available online, they are usually not enough to address individual needs. Finding vocal coaches is easy, but finding one that will work with your voice and teach tricks that will benefit how you sing can be a long and expensive guessing game. Professional Celebrity Singing Coach Roger Burnley has put together one of the most unique and comprehensive singing package ever compiled called Singing Made Simple.

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Engl Amps

Anyone can go into a garage, play through some microphones, and then send the result out as a demo tape in hopes of getting a recording contract or higher paying clubs in which to play. The problem is that if your demo is not up to par with what everyone else is sending, no matter how good you really are, the club or anyone else listening is not going to get a true taste of what your band or what you really sound like. Instead of messing around with shoddy old ideas, go about recording a demo that can really...

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Rap Beat Maker Software - How to Pick the Right One

DUBturbo is the latest Digital Audio Workstation software that includes all the necessary options that come with producing fresh beats on your computer without the need for costly equipment. It is a full beat making solution available as a computer application that provides you the advantage of thousands of sounds that can be used to generate your own personal music style in whatever way you desire.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Booking Wedding Bands - What You Need To Know

It is very difficult to think of a wedding without beautiful music forming a background to the various parts of the proceedings. The music that you organize for a wedding has a great role to play in how people feel that day because emotions will certainly be running high. Talented wedding bands have the ability to create a wonderful that exactly matches the theme so you're your family and friends have a very enjoyable time.

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Developing Your Song Writing Skills

Enjoying MTV and seeing The Edge, Slash, Kurt Cobain, Eric Clapton or other guitar performers might stimulate many people to state, "Amazing that is definitely so awesome. I really wish i could play the guitar as well." If you've actually observed yourself considering or declaring a similar thing but in no way really did anything at all about this, it's not too late.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Is 'Classical Music' Dead in the Water?

If you are an aspiring artist what is the one thing that you need to produce ear popping beats? Beat making software allows you to make your own beats in the comfort of your own home. There are lots of digital audio workstations out there, so how do you go about choosing one? Great question read on...

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Beat Maker - Online Beat Making Software

Playing the piano makes you feel happy and fulfilled. Because of this, most of people may hire the services of piano tutor just to learn the piano lessons. In addition to this, taking the services of a piano teacher can be very costly plus some of them are not specially equipped with latest techniques.

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American Music Awards

Do you have a talent in music and want to make it in the industry, the Cody Simpson way? Then listen up because this is the story of how a 13 year old Australian boy went from singing at family barbeques to singing in front of massive crowds. First up you need to find out how good you really are at singing, ask your friends and family to be brutally honest because the later you find out you can't sing the more humiliating it can be for you.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Selma Blair Pregnant!

The Hollywood baby boom continues with the announcement that Selma Blair is pregnant. This will be the first child for Selma and boyfriend Jason Bleick. Keep reading to learn more details about Selma, Jason and their impending new arrival. There are pictures and a video for you to check out too.

Fashion designer Jason Bleick [...]

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Coupons Online Dunkin Donuts

Coupons online Dunkin Donuts and free Dunkin Donuts coupons are offered by Dunkin Donuts which is the largest baked goods and coffee chain in the world since 1950. Apart from that, Dunkin Donuts provides their loyal customers with baked goods, coffee, donuts, and bagels of high quality. However, they are immensely popular around the world [...]

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Why You Need a Professional to Tune Your Piano

Karaoke has gone through some major changes since it first gained wide-spread popularity in the mid 1980's. The first format was Laser Disc (yes, tapes and records existed, but not as a format where people could view the on-screen lyrics to the songs). Laser Disc karaoke was the first format introduced and the first to disappear. This article deals with some of the reasons that Laser Karaoke is no longer with us. R.I.P.

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You Can Win or Buy Concert Tickets on the Net

If you're planning an event it's good to know that if you have some organized activities first, they can work as icebreakers that will end up with more of the guests dancing later. At any event there are some people who will dance no matter what, but, most people need you to do something just to help them to get in the mood. The days of people just arriving and dancing are disappearing.

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Friday, January 14, 2011

They Don't Dance No Mo! They Don't Dance No Mo!

Learning to play instruments can be a lifelong study. Many people will never learn simply because they do not have the patience or the natural talent to do so. The ability to play an instrument should not deter you from making music though. Many great musicians are mediocre at playing an instrument. In our technological age the game has changed. With computers and software making music has never been more accessible.

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The Secret to Great Singing

If you are the proud owner of a great guitar, then you?ll appreciate that keeping it off the floor or away from little fingers and pets is important to the longevity of it?s use. To Protect Your Guitar For many the main purpose of buying a guitar hanger is to protect it, but there is also a train of thought that says that if you see your guitar more regularly, you`ll play it more often. Having your guitar out of it?s case in line of sight often results in a quick jam just because you saw it.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Why You Need a Concert Promoter

Singing voice lessons can be hard on your throat. If you don't prepare, continuous practice on inflection, tone, pitch and volume might wreak havoc on your vocal cords. Worse, if you ignore it all together you might not be able to do what you're supposed to: sing at your recitals. That said, here are some handy tips on keeping your voice smooth, clear, and song-friendly.

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Rocking and Rolling: The Leftist Way

Color and music and poetry have a long history of communication in literature, In the 1950's, the "Beat Generation" poets discovered the novels of Jack Kerouac and Alan Ginsberg, and began frequenting and performing in intimate European style coffee shops and jazz cafes in New York. Greenwich Village in Manhattan evolved into a haven for poets in the 1960's, like Bob Dylan, whose protest songs were influenced by Kerouac.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Music Festivals 2011

Since so many people like to throw gatherings for others to attend, we will be discussing how to properly enjoy music with family and friends. Please consider that music is a very important part of any gathering because of it's enhancing effect. Following the guidelines in this article, will help the reader to enjoy this form of art in the most tasteful way.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How To Properly Enjoy Music With Family And Friends

To say that a particular Christian band or artist is "the best" is obviously subjective, but my job is to research what's out there with great detail in order to provide you, the listener, with what I believe is the best new Christian music on the scene. If you are like me, you probably have thought, "Why can't Christian artists hold up quality wise with some of the top secular artists/bands?" I don't really want to listen to secular stuff because the message just isn't there, yet outside of a few Christian acts like Mercyme and Casting Crowns, I just get bored rather quickly.

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Guitar Amp Reviews - What Should You Look For?

It was in mid December 2010 that Garth Brooks once gain amazed his fans by exceeding their expectations when he stood up to the stage of Nashville's Bridgestone Arena for a benefit concert. His energy and appeal to his audience didn't seem to fade as he was still able to catch his audience's amusement of his performance.

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Singers' Talent Searches - 3 Things That Make a Search Agency the Best One for Artists

For the music to be heartening, it has to be technically sound. The level of loudness is decided at the mastering stage. Mastering is the last and most crucial phase of music making. During this phase, music is tweaked to bring the best out of it. Mastering is performed inside a mastering studio with equipments that cater to the needs of musicians

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nicole Richie & Joel Madden Share Their Wedding Photos With ‘People’ Magazine

Last weekend, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden got married in a lavish yet intimate ceremony at the Richie mansion in Beverly Hills, CA and today we get our first look at the first wedding photo released from the nuptials. As you may recall, Nic/Joel sold their wedding photos to the highest bidder and plan to [...]

Hulk Hogan (neé Terry Bollea) is a married man once again because he and his girlfriend Jennifer McDaniel‘s (who bears a striking and, IMHO, very creepy resemblance to his daughter Brooke Hogan) got themselves married on a beach in Clearwater, FL yesterday. As you might imagine, Hulk Hogan‘s wedding didn’t go down without a bit of a ruckus but the I Dos were said … and Hulk and Jennifer are now hitched!

It figures … only Hulk Hogan’s wedding would require a referee — TMZ has learned cops were called when a brawl broke out in the middle of the nuptials this evening in Florida. Sources at the wedding tell us a photographer was trying to snap shots of Hulk and his bride-to-be, Jennifer McDaniel, during the ceremony in their backyard — which happens to be on the beach in Clearwater. We’re told a family employee told the photog to beat it — and then the scuffle broke out just as Hulk and Jennifer were saying their vows. Classic. Cops were called, but no one was arrested — since no one wanted to press charges — and the ceremony continued …right through Hulk and Jennifer’s ‘I dos.’

And so … a new Mrs. Hulk Hogan has been selected. As you may recall, Hulk and his former wife Linda Bollea divorced shortly after their son Nick Bollea was involved in a near-deadly accident that left one of Nick‘s friends in a vegetative state. Almost as soon as they split, they each hooked up with new partners … both much younger than both Hulk and Linda. Hulk finally married his new partner but it remains to be seen if Linda will do the same. I suppose congratulations are order for Hulk Hogan and his new wife Jennifer … right?


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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Les News, 121510

Will Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minillio get hitched on New Year’s Day … in Italy? Anderson Cooper will name his new show Anderson. Mittens for Detroit Jon Favreau will NOT direct Iron Man 3. Lt. Dan Choi suffers a break down. Tron: Legacy in your iPad. President Jimmy Carter say the US is ready for [...]

Last week we got our first look at the first promo pics released for Jersey Shore season 3. Today we get our first look at a new JS3 promo photo of the entire cast … and from the looks on their faces, they seem about as bored with the show as I am:

It is becoming increasingly clear that pretty much everyone is already over Jersey Shore … including the Jersey Shore cast themselves. My guess is that the cast is trying to look “serious” in this photo but they, instead, all look like they could give two shits about anything. If I’m bored with the show and the JS cast is bored with the show … what is my incentive to watch season 3? Anyone?


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Les News, 010511

It’s been a bad week for animals. The Attorney General of New Mexico says that same-sex marriages that legally take place in other States are legal in New Mexico. Starbucks Coffee unveils a new logo. Violet Affleck gets her first pair of glasses. Nicole Richie takes the kiddies out for some fresh air. Seattle has [...]

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Rapping Beats - Exclusives Versus Leases - Make The Most Of Your Money

Caribbean people are known all over the world for their music and cricket. The Caribbean islands have produced a lot of legendary singers who have left their mark on world music and can never be forgotten. Bob Marley is the name that occurs to anyone, without fail, when people talk about Caribbean music. After his sad demise, Ziggy Marley, his son took over the task of producing Reggae from him. Reggae, a form of music that is liked by everyone, was originated in the Caribbean islands. Caribbean music can be divided into various genres primarily African, European, Indian and native influences. It is a synthesis of all of the above.

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Read Album Reviews Online

I was first introduced to Devendra Banhart when a friend played Sea Horse to me, which I have to admit enchanted me with it's combination of Doors-style psychedelica, child-like ideology and immense guitar section. Devendra Banhart's 2009 album, What Will We Be is similar to his previous works in many ways. The part American part Venezuelan musician is a dreamer; his ability to convey some of the most senseless words and have them make total sense is frankly uncanny.

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Perfect Karaoke Machine

Singorama is among the best rated vocal lessons you are able to locate on the internet and should you have no clue as to what it is yet you really like singing, you may be getting left behind in the vocal world. On the other hand, in case you are thinking of buying Singorama to assist you to enhance your vocal capabilities, here are a few of the guidelines that will help you to acquire the best benefit from it. To begin with, ensure you take a look at the gifts to be had.

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Baby Cosco Furniture

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Arquette To Host "Self-Deprecating" Game Show!

Oh, we'd SO watch this!
Variety is reporting that in the wake of his separation from Courteney Cox, David Arquette is making a move to the small screen as the host of a new game show.
But not just any game show - one with celebrities as the contestants who basically berate themselves on TV!
The show is [...]

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The Teaches Of Peaches

After spending about 16 hours unconscious yesterday, I am happy to report that I am feeling a smidge better today. I’m not sure what the heck is going on but this is the second time I’ve come down with a 24-hour bug that really knocked me on my bum. Yesterday was a pretty hellacious day [...]

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How To Understand Song Structure and Write a Catchy Song

An acoustic guitar tuner is used to make tuning your guitar easier and more perfect. This is because it is better at determining how the guitar sounds as compared to just using your ear. Therefore, many people opt to use acoustic guitar tuners to ensure that their guitars are producing the right sound.

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Zsa Zsa Gabor To Have Part Of Leg Amputated

Actress Zsa Zsa Gabor is having part of her leg amputated after gangrene began setting in her right leg. Zsa Zsa Gabor, 93, was taken to the UCLA medical center in Los Angeles yesterday to undergo surgery to remove part of her right leg. Gabor’s rep John Blanchette stated, “She developed a lesion on the [...]

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Harvard Gay Hate Crime Now Ruled An Accident!

What the hell?! This is absolutely awful!
About 40 books about gay and lesbian issues were recently reportedly thought to be vandalized in Harvard University's Lamont Library, after security staff discovered them covered in what appeared to be URINE on November 24th!
However, although it was originally being investigated as a hate crime, the university has [...]


WTF was she thinking?!

Despite her reputation as a man of means, Arun Nayar will be getting paid big $$$$ from his soon-to-be ex-wife, Elizabeth Hurley. When the couple wed in 2007, the did not sign a pre-nuptial agreement, so he will get a large chunk of her £13million fortune.

"A pre-nup would have been a deal-breaker for Arun. He has his pride," claims a source.

But some people think he won't get too much!

"He would be very unlikely to get half Miss Hurley’s fortune because her assets were mainly acquired before their marriage," said London divorce lawyer Ayesha Vardag.

Something tells us that he may demand to be kept in the lifestyle he's become accustomed!

[Image via WENN.]

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Vampire Diaries Cuteness!

We know, we know. January 27th can't come soon enough! There are so many unanswered questions on The Vampire Diaries that we're sure most of you are chomping at the bit to know what is going to happen next.
Well, we can't tell you that, but we can show you this really adorable set visit to [...]

Rihanna will LOVE this!!!

We do!

Check it out (above)!

Soooo hot!

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Justin Timberlake On Sci-Fi Movie Set

Last month, we posted some photos of Justin Timberlake getting his actor on with co-star Amanda Seyfried on the set of their new sci-fi film, Now.
We've got some new on set photos from Justin's film (below).
The film's story revolves around a future where people can live forever, but time has a price tag attached!
Between this [...]


Good lord!

Those PIERCING eyes! We go weak at the knees!


Check out the always-seksi Ryan Gosling looking especially delicious on the cover of this month's issue of GQ (above)!

Scruff? Check.

Smoldering stare? Check.

Impeccable jawline? Check.

Gratutious nudity? Yes PLEASE!

LOLz! Perhaps that will come along with Blue Valentine!

Here's hoping!


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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Top Voice Training Tips - If You Want To Improve Your Voice, Learn How to Breathe Again All Over!

Drew Stevyns a prolific singer song writer who has been singing since the age of two and has developed his abilities as a singer songwriter in quite a remarkable way. It's a craft that Stevyns has spent years honing. The Maryland native spent his childhood singing in England in church and choirs. Music has always been a quiet intensity that has encompassed the path Stevyns continues to follow today.

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Jenny McCarthy's Got Herself A New Man!

But according to sources, they are keeping things "casual."
Word is that Jenny McCarthy will be ringing in the New Year with a new man, as sources say she has been quietly dating entertainment-sports attorney Paul Krepelka for a little while now.
The insider would only fess up that they've been on a "couple" of dates, [...]


Feel the love!

Alicia Keys and her husband Swizz Beatz were spotted out shopping last night in St. Barths. The pair enjoyed checking out the goodies at Gustavia and when they left, Alicia even stopped to take a picture with a fan!

So sweet!

Check out more pics of the faboosh couple getting their shop on below!

Say! Where's your little guy? You two didn't leave him at home, did you?

[Image via WENN.]

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Chatting With… Shannen Doherty (Part 2)!

So good!
In part 2 of our exclusive two-part chat with TV legend Shannen Doherty, we talk about…
Whether she would return to the revamped 90210, what's going on with the Heathers sequel and her thoughts on that, what she does on her spare time, why she's getting her pilot's license, her future and more! Check it [...]

new smurfs movie poster artwork revealed

Check out the new poster (above) for the upcoming Smurfs movie!

Should be fun to see what kind of mischief the little blue guys, and little blue Katy Perry get into in NYC.

Can't wait!

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