Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Jackmans Get A New Member Of The Family

Hugh Jackman and his adorable daughter Ava Eliot spent some time this weekend bonding with the newest member of the Jackman family. Hugh picked out a new pet pooch for his family, a doggie named Mochi … here are a few photos of Mochi Jackman getting acquainted with his new owners: As if the Jackman [...]

Bobbi Kristina, the only begotten child of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, is all grown up these days … but it really looks like she’s actin’ more grown than she actually is. Media Takeout has come upon a few photos of 17 year old Bobbi Kris partying with some friends that show her smoking and drinking and making out with a few different people. Honestly, it’s the kind of behavior that kids her age get away with all the time … but if this is the kind of behavior the young Miss Houston-Brown is being photographed doing, can you imagine what she might be getting up to when there aren’t cameras around? has been telling you for MANY MONTHS . . . that Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kris is completely OUT OF CONTROL. Now we have EVIDENCE. The below photos were sent in by a loyal and trusted MTO reader (thanks GIRRRRL). They were apparently taken at an unsupervised party that the 17 year old Bobbi Kris attended. As the images show, Bobbi was drinking the VERY HIGH ALCOHOL energy drink Four Loko. And she’s smoking a NEWPORT cigarette. In another pic she’s MAKING OUT with a woman. Whitney . . . Bobby . .. go get your daughter. She obviously needs some GUIDANCE!!!

While the smoking and drinking is a bit worrisome (and let’s be honest, that Four Loko shizz is bad news), it should be pointed out that kids her age tend to experiment and engage in far worse behavior. What is troubling is that Bobbi Kristina is at the age where she is prolly very well aware of the behavior her father Bobby Brown is infamous for so it’s unlikely she can look to him for guidance. I sincerely hope that Bobbi Kris doesn’t get herself into too much trouble. It would be a shame if she ended up frittering her life away at such an early age, way before she has had her time to shine. At this point, it sounds like she is just acting out … testing her boundaries. Hopefully she won’t get herself into the kind of trouble that could ruin her life :(


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