Friday, January 28, 2011

Who Does Kanye Follow On Twitter Now?

Despite the fact that Kanye West has 1.3 million followers on Twitter, he barely follows anybody…except for 14 people.
Do you want Kanye to follow you? Here are the people he currently follows:
Esti Ginzburg – a 20-year old Israeli blonde model
Anja Rubik – a 29-year old Polish model
CoCo Rocha – a 22-year old Canadian model
Bar Rafaeli [...]

Madonna's Scathing Letter From The Past hated chicago and filming league of their own

If you know Madonna at all, you know she wasn't so thrilled about being in A League Of Their Own. Sure, it was a great role for her and we LOVE the movie to pieces, but still, Madge had issues.

Now, we've got a more private peek into those issues as an old letter written by the Queen of Pop to her friend and photographer Steven Meisel in 1991 has been released from the wonderful peeps at Hard Rock Inc.

A piece of Madge history! We love it!

Check out what scathing things she had to say about the movie, Geena Davis and Chicago in the scan above!

Juan Gris
Andre Derain
Russell Simmons
Joseph Turner
Colin Powell

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