Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Prince Michael Jackson Is Rollin’ With His Homies

Prince Michael Joseph Jackson, the eldest child of the late Michael Jackson, was spotted tooling around town here in LA over the weekend rollin’ like a big dawg with his homies. As you can see, MJ‘s love of garish Ed Hardy clothing was passed down to the young Prince but I suppose we can forgive [...]

So … a new waxwork statue of Prince William of Wales has gone on display in London, England this week in a new exhibit titled Engagement. As you can see, the artist who created the statue didn’t really capture the essence of Prince Wills in this likeness … at all. At another gallery, a painting of Kate Middleton titled God Save the Future Queen by an artist named Zoobs turned out much better than this wax statue did. It looks like even the art world is getting in on the Royal Wedding bandwagon.

I post a lot of fantastic photos of amazing-looking wax statues but, no, this one is NOT one of those. The painting tho, I love. It is currently on display at the Opera Gallery in London and has already sold for £20,000. What do y’all think of these two pieces? Which one is your fave?

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin]

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