Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tallulah Belle Willis—Busted for Alcohol!

Oh oh…busted! Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s seventeen-year old has been nabbed for alcohol! You booze you lose girlfriend! So much for a night on the town with teeny boppin’ friends! Sounds like someone is in trouble! Last night was supposed to be a night out with friends, turned out to be an illegal brush with the law for the youngsters. Tallulah Belle Willis and two other friends were stopped and questioned by law enforcement after they were spotted getting out of a car around 11 o’clock in the hills of Hollywood. According to the cops, they were seen cradling what appeared to be not just one, but two bottles of liquor. After the officers performed their duties, the girls were cited for being in possession of alcohol…cheers to under age drinking! Because they are minors, their parents were called. Tallulah phoned big daddy Bruce, and to no avail, Demi cruised on over to pick up her unlawful teen. Tallulah is the youngest of three sisters (Rumer and Scout) with super celebrity parents, Demi and Bruce—oh and Ashton Kutcher. You would think this little girl would have learned her lesson since this isn’t the first time she has been in [...]

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