Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Rare Bowie SIGHting!

There's the REBEL REBEL himself! Been a long time, David!
Similar to Halley's Comet, it's very rare to get a glimpse of David Bowie these days, but we're in luck!
The comet singer was spotted in front of Broadway's Foxwoods theater last night, where he went to see Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark.
Apparently, there was [...]


Wow. Such a crazy, wonderful story.

On Aug. 4, 1987, new parents Joy White and Carl Tyson were struck by tragedy as someone had just kidnapped their 19 day old daughter from Harlem Hospital. The NYPD were unable to come up with any leads and thus, they thought their child was gone forever.

Fast forward to 23 and a half years later, when their daughter, Carlina White, tracked them down after she learned the awful truth for herself! She was alive and well and eager to meet the family she never got the chance to know.

It turns out that Carlina's kidnapper dressed herself as a nurse and snatched Carlina right from. Cassandra Pettway, who may or may not have been the kidnapper, took her to Bridgeport, Conn., and for many years, told the girl nothing. Around her 16th birthday, Cassandra was forced to admit to Carlina that she wasn't her daughter and thus the hunt was on for her to fine her biological parents.

With the help of the internet and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, Carlina was given found three possible matches, and then DNA tests confirmed she was indeed the baby abducted in 1987.

But as her mother told sources, the DNA wasn't necessary. "As soon as I saw those pictures, I said, 'That's my daughter,' " Joy said. "I saw myself in her."

When asked about the reunion, Carlina told sources:

"I'm overwhelmed. I'm just happy. It's like a movie; it's all brand new to me."

But we're sure it's going to be great. What an amazing thing to happen after so much time. Inspiring!

[Image via New York Daily News.]

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