Sunday, July 10, 2011

Blake And Penn: Back Together In Real Life???

Here's hoping!
Penn Badgley wasn't the only Gossip Girl star at Coachella this weekend. Peeps that were strolling the festival on Saturday saw Penn "holding hands" with Blake Lively while the two hit up the VIP Rose Garden.
Could these two be back on? They did date for three years prior to their breakup last year. [...]


Ouch! This has to sting!

The country was outraged when Pia Toscano was voted off American Idol a few weeks ago, but she has since found comfort in loving arms of Dancing With The Stars stud, Mark Ballas!

A joyous union made in reality show heaven.

But hold on a second - there is someone who isn't too happy that Pia's being swept off her feet by Mark. His name is Carlos Nunez. He's 28, he's a caterer in Queens, and oh yeah, he's been dating Pia for the last four years!

According to sources close to Carlos, Pia has played the "disappearing act" on him and though they have yet to officially break up, Pia does not call him or make any time to be with him. In fact, she made her visit back East last week very brief, just so she could return to El Lay to have dinner with Mark.

How rude! This poor guy has been rooting you and supporting your dreams for four years and THIS is how you treat him! Sad! He deserves much better than that!

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