Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Pee Wee Herman Show Will Return To HBO

Happy news for fans of Pee-Wee Herman!! The Pee-Wee Herman Show, which is currently on Broadway after a very successful run here in LA at the start of the year, is coming back to TV. HBO announced today that they will film one of the Broadway performances of the show for broadcast on their network [...]

While much of the US is dealing with bitter cold and Europe is dealing with tons of snow, we here in SoCal have been getting drenched for the past week by continuous rainfall. I’m not even exaggerating, the rain hasn’t stopped falling for days (and we’re due for another 12 inches today and tomorrow)! Still, Xmas shopping stops for no man … or celebrity. Happily marrieds Heidi Klum and Seal dug out their umbrella and slipped on their rubber boots to do a bit shopping here in LA yesterday.

This kind of rain isn’t really new here in SoCal, despite the fact that people always like to forget. It may not rain here for most of the year but when it does rain (in the Wintertime) it tends to pour for days on end. I came home from a long visit to NYC when David was still living there to find half of my living room carpet soaked because water had seeped in under the wall. BUT, despite the rain … people are getting out of the house to take care of things. I’ve never seen so many umbrellas in LA before … but people do own them. With four kiddies and countless family and friends to shop for, it’s really cool to see Heidi and Seal braving the rain to do their own shopping (rather than sending out assistants and lackeys to do the dirty work). I predict the rain will stop falling by Xmas this weekend … at least, that’s what I’m asking of jolly ol’ Saint Nick.

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