Friday, June 15, 2012

Draco Hits Up Hogwarts!

Guess he was feeling a bit nostalgic!
Tom Felton was spotted right outside of Hogwarts castle today, chatting up Beauxbaton's chicks. Tom is in Orlando on vacay and made sure to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
We're told he enjoyed throwing back a few Butterbeers and enjoying the attractions!
[Image via Universal Studios Orlando.]


$280,000 a year! $280K!!!

We wish we were joking about this!

This morning, Amber Portwood, one of the stars of Teen Mom, was ordered to appear before the Madison County magistrate for questioning after she was released on bail.

Now, lets make sure you get all the facts straight. This is a girl who got pregnant at 16, had a baby, was found by MTV and thrown on the air to give a "real" look at teenage motherhood. During the taping of an episode, she lost it and beat the hell out of her baby daddy, in front of her child. The footage aired on television and chaos ensued. She's now booked on two felony charges and a misdemeanor for domestic battery. This morning, she was released on bail.

Now, during her questioning, she was asked to provide her occupation and salary. She replied to the judge that she's a “television personality,” but then had her lawyer object to her having to state her salary. The judge insisted and that's when the world learned that the reality star now makes more money than most hard-working Americans, simply for being on television.

We can't imagine how this girl makes so much, yet still lives the way she does. Hope Leah has a college fund set up!

[Image via GSI Media.]

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