Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Greatest Ever

Born Stefani Germanotta March twenty eight, 1986, she's today called Lady Gaga all over the entire globe. G's acquired fame came very quick, when she dropped her first album Fame in August 2008. On the cd she produced the chart topping single "Just Dance," and this track launched her in to a legendary status. Her unique nick name originates from pop producer Rob Fusari. Each day, when Stefani came to the studio, he played the Queen Track "Radio Ga Ga." The nick name Lady Gaga came completely by fate, when Rob Fusari delivered her a email that's meant to be named "Radio Ga Ga," however the business phone instantly adjusted it in to Lady. Therefore the artist name Lady Gaga came into this world. Germanotta refused to remain being referred to. as by her name from that point on, and is going basically by the name Lady Gaga these days, and introduces herself as Gaga.

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