Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jive Records Confirms The Release Of Britney Spearss New Single? [UPDATE]

On Wednesday we learned the EXCITING news, from Entertainment Weekly magazine, that our dear Britney Spears will be releasing the first single from her new album (due out in March) next Friday January, 7. But because so much incorrect information has been going around regarding Britney‘s new album, many people are choosing not to believe [...]

On Tuesday I posted my Top Albums of 2010 and yesterday I was planning to post my list of my fave films of the year … but I had to push back one day so I could see one more film to determine if it was worthy of making my Top 10 list. And so, without further ado, here is my personal list of the Top Movies of 2010.

Number 10Piranha 3D:

The B-Movie was back this year and it came in the form of the hilariously silly yet entirely entertaining film Piranha 3D. No movie this year had more blood, boobs and severed penis than Piranha 3D … which, of course, means that the film should be lauded in some small way. While the serious, well-acted, well-written, incredibly creative films will be honored by the big movie award ceremonies next year, I think there is something to be said for the silly “popcorn movies” that manage to entertain for 90 minutes in the most frivolously fun way. Piranha 3D is no cinematic masterpiece … but it’s a damn good time at the movies … and it deffo made my list of fave films for 2010.


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